Fair shot, fair share & everybody playing by the same rules – The hypocrisy of the Obama campaign

You have to tip your hat to the masters of spin whose working on the current Obama campaign. It’s genius.

He masterly passes all blame for things “not being done” onto congress, when he’s happy to pass executive decision on far more nefarious items of legislation.

Not only that, but he’s constantly spouting the ideal of a people having a “fair shot”, getting their “fair share” and “everybody playing by the same rules”.

Which is lovely in concept. But even President Obama must realise that the cards are stacked against Joe Public (or Plumber) and towards a very small set of individuals who love Obama’s “say one thing” and then “do another”.

Witness this list of individuals who have donated to Obama’s 2012 campaign.

Now non-US citizens are barred from making campaign contributions, as detailed in this FEC webpage.

So under the rules you would have to assume that the following people have a “green card” status. But this was covered in a very small op-ed on Politico.

I mean, as if they’d take money from non-US citizens, perish the thought.

Any-who… My real problem on the list is Jon Corzine. This is a guy who’s currently under federal and congressional investigation after it was discovered he’d illegally took clients’ funds before collapsing the securities firm he headed. An investigation which appears to be stalled on the blocks, presumably allowing him to get more cash for Obama.

So what Obama is REALLY is saying is that “everybody plays by the same rules” unless they’ve made a sizable contribution; in which case they bring out a whole NEW set of rules.

Still, at least it’s better than his “just getting by speech” regarding the “American dream.”


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