When fighter jets train on freeways

Growing up in Europe during the height of the cold war I got used to the notion of fighter aircraft being able to use motorways as runways. The simple fact of the matter was that specific aircraft were chosen and locations were selected with the specific intention that they could operate if their primary military or civilian bases had been destroyed. In other words, when the country of operations had been significantly crippled by an aggressive enemy force.

News Review: And today in (the BBC’s) Europe… propaganda

Can't even face looking for the eruption on Mount Etna story because the BBC's European page is so pro-EU, pro-Migrant (NOTE: NOT refugee, migrant*) propaganda that I feel like I'm being programmed by just looking at it 😀 (OK I'm joking) But seriously, are there no other comments allowed on the BBC website? Just to give … Continue reading News Review: And today in (the BBC’s) Europe… propaganda