Did Boris Johnson just try a “divide an conquer” move on Europe?

This story is related to this BBC article.

Sorry about all the citations in this. I just didn’t want it to appear like I made it all up because I feel friendly towards Borish Johnson. I’m indifferent towards him, but I do recognises a canny strategy when I see one.


Macron, Johnson and Merkel
Macron, Johnson and Merkel
In case anybody missed it, UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson just put France and Germany at logger heads with each other.
Germany needs the UK to have a deal – The UK is it’s biggest market within Europe, especially for it’s essential motor industry, and losing a major customer would be a major problem for them as they are edging ever closer towards the cliff of a recession.
Guardian – “Germany likely to head into recession, central bank warns”

France, specifically Emmanuel Macron, wants to appear strong within the EU. Macron is considered weak and is doing particulary poorly in the poles. So having-a-go at the old enemy is a reasonably effective if short term plan to look stronger. Whether this makes any sense to France is not his problem, he’s already managed to make it clear he’s only for  the elite and not the average French person.

France 24 – “Macron popularity still weak after Notre-Dame fire: poll”
The Independent – “French voters explain why they’ve lost faith in Macron: ‘A very good government for the rich'”
Macron, it has to be said, is something of a French Justin Trudeau. In that he’s a young fresh face that rose to power on the back of a lot of hope that he’d be something new and turned out to be no better or worse than the old guard.
National Post – “Kelly McParland: Trudeau talked the talk, but he’s failed miserably in the walk”
Given the rise of the anti-EU sentiment from ALL sides of the political spectrum….. and yes, I am correct in saying that. Don’t believe for one second that Guardian bullshit that it’s only the far right that are anti-EU. I mean it’s interesting they put out an article saying that it’s prevelent in both left and right wing “hosts”, as it puts it, but they only ever seem to focus on the centre-right and far right groups when it comes to stories. You will never see a Guardian article picking apart the likes of the Danish “People’s Movement against the EU” or “Red–Green Alliance” both of which are far left political party. Or in Bulgaria where the majority of anti-EU parties are centre-left or hardline socialist. But pointing out the political biases of the Guardian is something of a “low hanging fruit” exercise. The reality is though, that outside of the UK Labour party, the majority of European socialist parties are euro-sceptic.

But bringing us back to the point. Johnson has now manage to put the two largest and most powerful counties in the EU on a collision course and it’s going to be quite interesting to see what happens next.

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