It’s all about the money, money, money….

Did anybody else notice how the BBC (and other mainstream media news outlets) focused on the non-threatening element of EU Council President Donald Tusk “We already miss you” speech to try and glean some emotional response? Which worked, incidentally. Oh, the feelz.
Despite the BBC’s giving the impression that this was a sad, lamenting speech. It was in fact far more sinister and gave away some of the nature of the EU’s anger at the loss of the UK – it’s subsidies.
Tusk talks about how they are going to “do everything in their power” with “all the tools to achieve this” to minimise the “costs” for the EU citizens, businesses and member states.
I’m surely not the only person who sees this as a threat of how the EU is planning to try and fleece the UK in any UK-EU trade deal.
What I find most odd is the way they are so sure we need one in the first place or that we don’t already know this. In case you’ve missed this part of the narrative, we don’t actually need a trade deal with the EU and one rather obvious example of how this is that case is China. China doesn’t have a specific trade deal with the EU. Instead, it operates under World Trade Organisation (WTO) rules. Presumably, this is what limits the number of Chinese goods in Europe; he said sarcastically.
However, instead of focussing in on that rather threatening part of his speech this is the news article that accompanies his speech.
EU Council President Donald Tusk has said that there is “no reason to pretend that this is a happy day” after formally accepting the UK’s letter triggering Article 50 and the country’s withdrawal from the EU.
Personally, I think he misspoke. I think hey meant to say “We already miss your money”.

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