Could former Nasa worker’s claim of men on Mars be true?

Could former Nasa worker’s claim of men working on Mars with minimum pressure suits, as reported in the Mirror newspaper, actually be true?
Well, no. They can’t. 
Oh. You want more… OK then.
So in the video above the expert really shows his knowledge around 1:25 when he describes the atmosphere on Mars and the Moon. Clearly he has absolutely no idea what he’s talking about.
But let’s talk about that.
He claims that the atmosphere on Mars is akin to that on Earth at 15,000 feet and that it is possible to become acclimatised within a week in order to avoid serious issues.
Here are the facts;

At 15,000 feet the atmospheric pressure on Earth is 8.29 psi.

The atmosphere in Mars is an average of just 0.087psi which is very roughly about 1% of Earths at 15,000 feet. The very highest psi on Mars is in the depths of Hallas Planitia which is 0.1675 psi, that is 2.02% of Earth’s 15,000 feet atmospheric pressure.
So clearly 15,000 feet is too thick an atmosphere to be a realistic comparison.
In order to get Earth’s atmosphere down to those levels you need to travel to about 100,000 feet and at that altitude, you really don’t want to be wandering outside without your pressure suit.
As for the Moon… wow… there is so little atmosphere that they measure its composition in atoms per cubic cm.
And that’s just one detail of what he’s talking about. Mars also doesn’t have a magnetosphere. So what is going to protect these busy engineers from cosmic radiation?
As my old Physics Profession Walter Foster used to remind us, “anything is possible, so long as you don’t know what you are talking about.”

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