News Review: And today in (the BBC’s) Europe… propaganda

PropagandaCan’t even face looking for the eruption on Mount Etna story because the BBC’s European page is so pro-EU, pro-Migrant (NOTE: NOT refugee, migrant*) propaganda that I feel like I’m being programmed by just looking at it 😀 (OK I’m joking)
But seriously, are there no other comments allowed on the BBC website? Just to give you the overview.
  • Hungary is BAD for setting up camps to handle tens of thousands of migrants heading through there country, and
  • Sweden is GOOD and is delighted to have lots of migrants. If you are actually interested in the whole Swedish “is there a crisis or not” reality then I suggest you check out Tim Pool’s excellent TimCasts YouTube channel for a more balance view that either the pro-Migrant / anti-Migrant camps would have you see.
  • Trump (arguably head of the free world) is envious of Merkel’s strength. Not entirely sure I’m convinced of that.
  • Europe “is relieved” at Dutch election victory. Which strikes me as very odd because the xenophobic, right wing Geert Wilders came in second! So it’s not like he was wiped off the political map as the Guardian and BBC would have you believe.

Plus, just in case “Europeans” feel all smug and relaxed, I feel I should point out that Mark Rutte, the incumbent and centre left party member, actually lost 8 seats while Geert gained 5 extra ones.

In the end Mark Rutte won by 21.3% of the vote vs Geert Wilders 13.1%. So Mark Rutte is in no way able to form his own Government and will have to form a coalition with the other members, potentially including Geert Wilders.

If you check out who gained seats vs loosing, it is quite obvious that the centre and centre-right have gained seats at the expense of the left. Certainly not the narrative the BBC would like you to read but certainly something to think about.

Oh and the only really active volcano in Europe is going off… but that’s probably down to climate change / the far right / BREXIT somehow. 😀

* A long time back the BBC made it clear what the terms refugee, immigrant and migrant meant. Now the BBC calls legal and illegal immigrants “migrants” because it legitimises their right to be in a country, regardless of the reality of that.
Refugee – Is a person who is fleeing conflict or persecution and their rights are covered at length under provisions in the Geneva convention and so forth. People running from Syria are refugees.
Migrant – Is a person moving legally from one country to another, usually for economic advantage. People from EU Eastern countries to the UK for work are migrants. They are legally entitled to be here (at present – hopefully a deal can be made to allow current migrants to stay, but that’s down to the EU).
Immigrant – Is a person travelling to a country without necessarily having any legal ability to do so. Immigrants can be either legal or illegal based upon how they entered a country or zone.
They are NOT to be regarded as refugees as the are not fleeing persecution and tend to be coming for financial advantages.
So the Moroccans masquerading as Syrians in Calais trying to get to the UK are illegal immigrants. In fact, they were illegal immigrants the day they entered Spain from Tangiers.

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