UK CO2 emissions down to 1894 levels – BBC lead with negative pollution story

For quite a few months news sites around the world have been talking about the effects diesel cars have on the environment and more specifically people. Germany, Italy and Spain have all proposed new standards and blanket bans on diesel cars within their major cities by 2020, Germany going so far as a total ban by 2030.

The BBC, however, have been surprisingly quiet on the subject. Almost like they were keeping the story in reserve for some reason.

But before we go any further, I have to say that this is NOT new news at all. The fact that diesel fumes are bad for people is something that’s been known for a long, long time. So quite why it keeps coming back as “news” is beyond me.

So today, Carbon Brief had some news to share with the good people of the UK.

Following many a cut in the use of coal and improvements to building codes… hell the list is endless… the CO2 emissions for the UK are now down to levels last seen in 1894!

So you’d imagine that would be huge news and something that the BBC and many other… oh wait. Actually, instead they are running this old and very negative story about diesel emissions. Which is a bit of a shame if you ask me. Partly because its good news I think we need to hear but mostly because it’s now really obvious the BBC deliberately avoided publishing it because it undermines their emissions story. Except, well, it doesn’t in the slightest. But the BBC haven’t the sense to know that.


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