What alternative media lovers should know – AND IT MIGHT SHOCK THEM!

And number 4 might make you drop your souffle!

Sor5d489cfe-b0c4-f87ery, but I couldn’t help but steal the modus operandi of the majority of so called “alternative media” outlets. You know, images with pointless red circles and bombastic headlines.

“Something mundane in a headline – THAT WILL SHOCK YOU”, and so forth.

I do have an interesting thing to report on them though.

This morning I had a fun little email from Inessa at Magora Systems who wants to offer me free manufactured articles to populate my website for the simple cost of a link to their ads laden site(s).

I’m not entirely sure who they think I am or why I’d require such content, but it is interesting reading non the less. For a small monthly fee they could manufacturer content for me. Nice.

But in case I don’t feel their mainstream news aggregation is quite up to scratch, there is a number of other “news story engines” they run, and they are;

So while BeforeItsNews did not surprise me in the least. Their sensational headline click bait site is well known for it’s levels of BS. But Lifehack DID surprise me, it surprised me a lot.

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