Lib Dem Sarah Olney wins Richmond Park by-election and causes “controversy”

votes-are-counted-in-the-richmond-park-by-electionNot only does she look TERRIFYINGLY happy about her victory but she also has a lot to say about how much her opinion matters over that of the country….. or does she?

In fact, the Express says she has highly controversial views in that she is going to fight BREXIT.

I kind of understand this to some degree. Mainly because the by-election was actually about the planned expansion of Heathrow, that nobody wants, and not Brexit as she now suggesting.

But then saying that she will fight Brexit IS actually representing her constituents. This is because nearly 70% of the people in Richmond actually voted for “Remain” – so in terms of her constituents, she is putting forward THEIR views (or 69.3% of them at least) and not just her own.

The problem for everybody else is that after an extremely large turnout and a clear success of the “Leave” campaign, professional politicians with entrenched opinions are undermining this democratic decision in any way they can. Even to the point of saying it wasn’t democratic!

Now I didn’t actually vote because there didn’t seem like a sensible option. But the fact is that democracy did work and now people who voted “Remain” are happy to see it being eroded and subverted. Basically, we didn’t like the result so fuck everybody and their views.

Hearing Russell Brand saying Leave voters were ignorant and racist from the comfort and seclusion of his £3.3 million thatched cottage deep in the countryside of Oxfordshire was quite the exercise in incredulity.

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