It’s only rigged when we lose

Or the hypocrisy of the entrenched

I love George Takei’s dry wit and intelligence as much as anybody. But this level of hypocrisy serves nobody.

This reminds me that he’s a true artist because as F. Scott Fitzgerald so famously said.

An artist is someone who can hold two opposing viewpoints and still remain fully functional.

At 4pm (GMT) he’s ridiculing Trump supporters for the idea the election process might be rigged. At this time Hillary Clinton was ahead and looking strong.


Two hours later it’s looking very bad for Hillary Clinton as she’s lost what amounts to the “poor vote” and minorities have switched from Democrat to Republican. Don’t believe me, check out the figures. So now George tweets;


Basically he’s saying it’s only rigged because his chosen candidate started to lose.

So when Trump supporters were calling for re-counts and audits they were ridiculed and called insane conspiracy theorists. But now Hillary Clinton lost, it is fair game to cry foul.

This seems ironic given this video about the organisation known to have been hired by the DNC (evidence from Wikileaks) where Scott Foval, the National Field Director for Americans United for Change, talked about how they intend to commit mass voter fraud FOR HILLARY CLINTON.

It all reminds me of how the EU Remain campaign stated that if the results were reversed, that is to say 52% for Remain, that would be a valid referendum. But as they lost, it’s not. How on earth do you justify that mentality without self awareness?

Neither group appears to be able to recognise the legitimacy of the opinion of other people. For them, they are 100% correct and anybody who points-out otherwise are idiots, liars or much worse.

It’s this kind of blinkered “Us and Them” rhetoric that the Democrats correctly drew attention towards in George Bush’s term in office. But this kind of monochromatic viewpoint seems to be the norm now and if anything, seems more valid in the views of people who label themselves as moderate and liberal.

What neither group appears to realise, which should be apparent to anybody living in the real world, is that the world is not black and white at all. It is in fact grey and in some cases, 50 Shades of it.


So you can see why independents like Jill Stein might want to have her profile raised… and perhaps her votes with it.



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