Zarna “Hugh Mungus” Joshi’s self-serving charity backfires – UPDATE

A couple of months back Zarna Joshi hit the big times on the internets for all the wrong reasons when her interview of a member of the public went viral and ridicule levels towards her hit new heights.

Rudy Pantoja Jr. had just completed an interview with a local news crew who were themselves covering a council debate on the merits of further funding towards Seattle’s Police training facilities. The unfortunately named “The Bunker” had created certain levels of notoriety, I’m sure the name thing is a major contributor to that.

He was sharing his story of how the dastardly evil police had helped his daughter break her heroin addiction. But no matter… evil etc.

At the start of the video, Zarna is busy complaining about her lack of interview before leaping towards Rudy, pointing her phone in his face and demanding to know his name. Clearly bemused by the situation and wanting to make light of the question Rudy makes a fundamental mistake in imagining the SJW Zarna Joshi might actually possess a sense of humour. She does not.

UPDATE: In case you are wondering why Zarna is especially mad about the situation of his interview, it’s because of what transpired ahead of time. Here is a video of Rudy’s speech to the council, that is constantly interrupted by Zarni and her group. As you can see, his speech goes over a lot better than hers.

And for clarity, the person who says “Is she white?!” before this argument falling flat on it’s face… that’s Zarna herself.

Anyway, back to our main video.

Rudy is a large gentleman and the joke name he opted to go for was “Hugh Mungus”. At which point, Zarna asks “Hugh Mungus WHAT?”. Which in my mind places the blame on the idea it was sexual harassment ON HER. Later in the video Rudy makes it very clear from hand gestures that he’s actually talking about ALL OF HIM. In fact, he corrects her from the get-go that it’s not “Hugh Mungous something” it’s just “Hugh Mungus”.

But no matter, she’s a self-starter so…she erupts. Screams sexual harassment and then as building security come over to ask what is going on she rants, swears and accuses them of “doing nothing” (it’s not actually their job) and “What’s your name?!!!”

At the end of the video ACTUAL Police turn up and it’s amazing how quickly she shuts up and the camera is turned off.

Anyway…. she has been very widely ridiculed including by her peers.

Since then it has emerged that a large number of people have been offering Rudy money and much to his credit he’s asked that the money to be directed towards a number of charities. But this must have clearly fired off a neurone in Zarna’s head because sure enough, she has started a charitable collection site to collect money FOR HER because she is THE VICTIM.

This has to be the most bogus charity since the Clinton Foundation.

But as is the case in such matters, things have not entirely gone to plan. It’s only been shared 900 times and worst of all… despite this most worthy of causes it has only collected $551 out the expected $1,000’s.

But worse…. much worse than that. Some people are using the opportunity to spend $1 in order to give Zarna their two penneth’s worth.

Firstly, I’m not sure that’s his real name.

Mike Hunt

Patriarchy is bad, internalized oppression. Donate to me because I want money.

Oh, I see what he did there.


Fight the good. Hugs, Ivor Biggun xxx

Wouldn’t it be bad if that was his real name.

Jack Mehoff

Here’s a dollar to help smash the Patriarchy we live in here in America. We are in such an oppressive society, that we can’t even make a dad joke and not get harassed. This needs to change immediately. Papa Bless.

I see a Monty Python fan here…

Biggus Dickus

Zarna, I totally support your cause, you were raped by Hugh Mungus and we can’t stand by and let this happen! Stand up against the patriarchy! jk I hope you die xx

But probably the most effective and for me more powerful messages are those from actual victims of sexual assault.

Jake, an actual Rape Victim

I was actually molested and raped multiple times by an older man in my neighborhood from age 7 to 8. I am also a white male, now 23. I truly wish the man that did the things he did, which still haunt me to this day, had just told me an innocent stupid joke. Your voicing on “internal oppression” is just taken as a slap to the face from real victims. I hope this dollar can go towards getting you a Snickers and calming you the fuck down.

And that’s the point, isn’t it. Because every time somebody like Zarna Joshi screams sexual harassment over what has been terms “a Dad joke” it undermines all those people, both male and female, who have suffered and do suffer from sexual harassment on a daily basis.

But it’s OK. Because she now has a video series that explains that if you feel she overreacted; it’s because you support rape culture… AND THAT’S NOT A JOKE EITHER.

I like Ellie Jayden’s video on this.




  1. I’m a victim of prolonged rape and childhood abuse. I saw her video about internalised oppression and wasn’t sure what to make of it. I thought the man she was talking about had sexually assaulted her until doing more research and now I’m just lost for words.

  2. She didn’t ask him for his name, watch the video again. He offered to give her his name… I too thought it was a fat joke because let’s face it, he is quite overweight but later on Zarna came out and she said he got her details and sent her explicit photographs and she decided against taking it to the police because it might upset his daughter to know her Dad did that and because she distrusts the cops. I resented her too until I heard the full story. Now I know all this I’m on her side, even though she’s racist and I am white. I thought she was being sensationalist. Turns out he is a pervert who sent her explicit sexual pictures right afterwards.

    • Firstly, he asks if they took his picture and does indeed offer to give them his name. But it’s clearly meant to be a joke and I suspect he hoped they would publish his picture with the joke name.

      However, the next part of your statement regarding receiving explicit images; I find absolutely no evidence to support such claim and given she tried to exploit his “Dad joke” for attention, I hardly think she’d hold back if he really did send her explicit pictures. Where was her restraint when she was screaming “I’ve just been sexually assualted”? Because she already knew about his daughter at that point because she actually says it at the beginning of the video.

      I, therefore, cannot confirm your assertion and I’ve only posted it because this seems to be yet another false claim that needs to be looked into.

      Can you provide links to the statement or video where she makes this claim?

    • She did ask for his name first. You need to find the version of video that clearly showed when she first asked him of his name.

    • I’m not sure what’s worse, people like Zarna or morons like you like actually believe the utter bile that flows from her mouth. She is evil. Pure and simple. She only knows hate. You saw how she reacted in the video. You believe someone like that is actually capable of anything besides lies?

    • Clearly she is lying: look at her actions, “ideologically possessed” state she is in, her total lack of ethics and taking the opportunity to rage or abuse others at every chance.

      IF she was telling the truth CLEARLY she would love to show the evidence to validate her claim to victimhood & oppression.
      But she doesn’t.

      Obviously IF she said that, it is another lie.

    • She edited out asking him his name. You watched HER copy or her minions copies of the tape. There are many with her clearly asking him his name. Furthermore, I’m quite confident that she would not show ANY restraint from plastering those “pictures” of Hugh all over the media. You are part of the problem to believe one word out of this witches mouth. May you all find a country with no police to live in, we do not need or want you here!

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