BBC Flat out lies in Trump vs Clinton Debate Summary


You have to wonder if the BBC imagines that nobody in the UK bothered to watch the debate or whether or not they have really bad memories after having done so.

I confess myself that after watching yet another dog and pony show that is American politics some kind of memory erasure akin to that in “The eternal sunshine of the spotless mind” would be an option.

But while I’m talking about it, the BBC is telling lies yet again. This is the summary of what they say went on in the debates and it’s actually totally false.

BBC Summary of second Trump vs Clinton Presidental debate
BBC Summary of second Trump vs Clinton Presidental debate

What actually happens is that Trump is actually asked in his second question about the video by Anderson Cooper. Hillary Clinton then goes on to says he’s not eligible to be President and it’s Trump who then hits back by bringing up Bill Clintons past sexual assaults against women and Hillary’s on the record mocking of a 13-year-old rape victim.

But do not take my word for it. Here is NBC News official video of it.

Now I have no desire to subject my reader (maybe readers) into having to watch it all… or all again. So here is the links below and the timelines that might of actual interest to you.

  1. Anderson Cooper brings up the video at 38 minutes and 24 seconds into the debate.
  2. Hillary Says he is unfit at this point at 41 minutes
  3. And then Trump brings up Bill Clintons past at 45 minutes and 37 seconds



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