Why the Guardian EU video shows everything that’s wrong with the Remain campaign

So the Guardian newspaper has got together with some paid actors, including the many talented Patrick Stewart, and produced a pro-EU video regard the European Union Human Rights act.

And what a jolly rip off of Monty Python it is. But it’s OK because they do admit to that in the description, so that’s OK.

Like so many of the Remain campaigns output it’s either based on fear mongering or the deception of truth that seems to be prevalent, under the basis that most people who watch the video won’t know any better.

So lets talk about the Human Rights act then

The video goes at length to make sure everybody in the UK understands that the Human Rights act is a good thing. You know what, it is. It contains rules and guidelines that everybody in the UK will be happy and familiar with; for that basic reason being they are based upon existing UK laws.

The Guardian video is disingenuous when it comes to talking about the act and its relationship to the European Union. There is none. The European HR act came into place in 1953, 49 years earlier.

So it doesn’t relate to the EU, what does it protect?

But lets hear the things it provides, and for speed I’ll group them;

“The right to fair trial”,  “Freedom from torture and degrading treatment”, “Freedom of expression”

Are all covered in the 1689 Bill of Rights. This, incidentally, is also the document the United States Bill of Rights is based upon. You know, the document stupid Americans call “the Constitution”.

“Freedom from slavery”

Well, freedom from slavery dates all the way back to Magna Carta which dates back to 1215 but only within the UK. Later anti-slavery laws relate to slavery within the British Colonies. Such as the Slave Trade Act of 1807.

“Freedom of religion”

A complicated one to be sure. But amendments to UK laws that promoted Protestantism and the Church of England were removed by the Roman Catholic Relief Act 1829 and the Jews Relief Act 1858. And by the way, if the ECHR act was so all powerful, how come the UK had to repeal blasphemy laws in the Criminal Justice and Immigration Act 2008.

“Protecting victims of domestic violence”

Actually comes from the Family Law Act 1996 and that Protection from Harassment Act 1997. But whatever…. Facts right. Plus, before 1953, were people who violently attacked people not arrested?

“The right to privacy”

Which in an age of authorized (by the EU) mass surveillance, this did make me laugh. In private homes there laws are covered under UK common law which dates back to the previously mentioned Bill of Rights.

“Peace in Northern Ireland”

How does this even relate. While it is true that the UK agreed to apply the Human Rights act to Northern Ireland and establish the Northern Ireland Human Rights Commission, there was no requirement for the republic of Ireland to take it up. So how is the peace FOUNDED on it?

Ireland was made to create the Irish Human Rights Commission, which was dissolved in 2014 to be replaced by the Irish Human Rights and Equality Commission. Take a wild guess how well that’s going.


So what exactly DOES the European Union have to do with the European Commission of Human Rights? They both have Europe in the title, that’s it.

The act came into force in 1953 and pre-dates the creation of the European Union by 39 years.

It’s as stupid as people who can’t separate the idea of Europe, the European Economic Zone and the European Union. They are all different things. I’m waiting for somebody to say if we leave the EU that we won’t be allowed to enter the Eurovision song contest. The Remain campaign is THAT stupid right now.

I’m desperate to have something positive to say about them. But it’s nothing but fear-mongering, lies and deliberately misleading statements. What ever happened to the idea of selling a better future? Or do you suspect they feel they don’t have a convincing argument.

People are even saying if Britain leaves then the Union might collapse. And if that’s the case, is that so bad? If something is no longer working, isn’t it better to start again and make something better? I think so.


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