Emma Watson’s people are not being totally honest

Emma Watson
“Oops I got found out.” – Emma Watson

In a news story that emerged a few days ago it would appear that Emma Watson, star of such movies as “Ballet Shoes”, “My Week with Marilyn”, “Colonia” and some wizard things, used the old Panama backdoor to carry out some secret little deals.

He spokesman was quick off the draw to try and add an element of “safety and security” to it. As the owner of a British Virgin Islands company called “Falling Leaves Ltd.” Her spokesperson said she’d set up the offshore account for “privacy.”

“UK companies are required to publicly publish details of their shareholders and therefore do not give her the necessary anonymity required to protect her personal safety, which has been jeopardised in the past owing to such information being publicly available,” the spokesperson said.

“Offshore companies do not publish these shareholder details. Emma receives absolutely no tax or monetary advantages from this offshore company whatsoever—only privacy.”

Of course, that’s all wonderful with just a small problem.


Shareholder information CAN be withheld in the UK. But as only her address needs to be kept secret take this clear legislation to mind,

“Your registered address with Companies House doesn’t have to be the address where you live.”

And if you are at greater risk, how about not showing the details at all. (quote from here)

“Directors’ names and addresses are publicly available from Companies House. You can stop your address from appearing on the register if you or your family are at risk of abuse or harm.”

So Emma could have just used her own name and use an alternative address, for example the address of her production company.

Alternately Emma, who her spokesman says has had problems in the past, could have had the details withheld.

After all;

What you need to show
You must be able to provide proof that you’re at risk of violence or intimidation, for example:

  • a police incident number if you’ve been attacked
  • documentary evidence of a threat or attack, such as photos or recordings
  • evidence of possible disruption or targeting, such as by animal rights or other activists
  • proof showing that you work for an organisation whose activities put you at risk, such as the Secret Intelligence Service

I assume that she has police evidence for this, in fact

So either Emma Watson’s super expensive financial advisers don’t understand this simple piece of company regulations; which is on the front page of the “How to set up a company in the UK”


somebody is trying to cover something up and the best excuse they could come up with on the fly was “it’s to keep poor Emma safe”.

Emma Watson is worth approximately $40 million by the way. So I expect her financial advisers are not currently junior members of staff at your local Citizens Advice Bureau. But perhaps she needs better PR people.


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