Hillary “the Outsider” Clinton?

dem_2016_clinton_delegate_dominance__c0-0-5184-3022_s885x516So the Washington Times is commenting on this video of Chelsea Clinton doing some campaigning for her mother Hillary Clinton.

There are two things that I want to say about this video.

She’s an outside from Washington – honestly

To start with, it seems clear to me that Hillary Clinton’s team has seen how Bernie Sanders has successfully gained support by not being part of the clique of Washington power. He has a strong record of talking and acting against it.

So when Chelsea says that her mother isn’t part of the group protecting the status quo and structures of power, she is actually trying to draw peoples attention away from the fact that Hillary Clinton IS part of that group and has been for as long as anybody remembers.

It’s as almost as though Chelsea is trying to whitewash everybody’s memory of her husbands Presidency (of which she took a highly active role) and that of her term as Secretary of State under Obama.

Actors, singers and comedians are always the best source of valid opinion; according to them.

Then we have  the part of video in which America Ferrara names herself, Katy Perry, Demi Lavato and Lena Dunham as all supporting Hillary Clinton as “millennials”. As though that should be compelling evidence to join them in agreement. But why?!

Lets be frank about this. America Ferrara is an multi millionaire actress. She’s not an expert in anything that would give her opinion, or that of her similarly multi-millionaire celebrity associates, any credibility at all. It’s just their opinion.

So what is it about celebrities that allows them to think that their opinion is somehow more important than anybody else? Is it the fact that they are all multi-millionaires? Certainly something they DON’T share with majority of millennials women.

Or has culture devolved so much in American society that people will change their opinion of they will vote for because “Ugly Betty” likes them?

America Ferrara’s  statement on Hillary Clinton holds about as much validity as me saying that you should also put your full support behind 2B pencils over HB, because I prefer the colour.

It’s total nonsense.

Although… really… 2B ARE great pencils. Trust me, I’m (not really) famous.


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