Is there a Snopes for Snopes? When opinion leads to double standards

So I’ve always loved Snopes. Back in the distant past of the internet, it was one of the few fact checking sites out there and I wasn’t to shy about submitting information supporting their case of adding extra wrinkles to the rumours.

But you do have to point out things when you see them and in a very bizarre turn of fate I see Snopes being a victim of their own rhetoric.

Murder rate per 100,000
Murder rate per 100,000. USA look bad. MUST DEFEND!

So just three days ago Snopes published their opinions on the chart showing gun murders per 100,000. The chart shows a number of countries around the world and demonstrates out of them how the United States of America stands by comparison. Their final evaluation of the piece is that of “Mixture” – While they can’t dispute the figures, they do suggest labelling of sources could be better and that.

“[it]  fails to denote that several other countries maintain higher rates of gun murders than the United States when the world as a whole is considered.”

Which is odd. Because the very article I read before, they critique an article “The Truth About Confederate History: Part 2” by stating the articles point about Northern slave owners (used to highlight the misconception that only the South had slaves) is nothing more than

“Mommy, he did it too!” is rarely a cogent or convincing form of historical argument

In other words, when Snopes does it, it’s OK. But when the writers of something they don’t like do it… that’s morally bankrupt and needs to be pointed out.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not defending the writers, slavery or the Historic actions of the United States. But that level of hypocrisy is borderline politician.


One comment

  1. I just read the articles, and there is a big difference in style between the two. Perhaps they should start editing for that.

    However, I can understand the frustration of the person writing about the Confederacy. There’s been a huge amount of revisionist nonsense going on about the Civil War lately (mostly from religious commentators like David Barton), to the point where people are actually trying to argue that the South either didn’t want to own slaves or that slavery was somehow thrust upon them.

    Still, frustration is no excuse, and I’m wondering why Snopes let that article out without revision.

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