Royal Mail – Just airmail my letter AS I PAID FOR!

Dear Royal Mail,

I realize over the last few years you’ve had problems trying to drag yourself into the 20th century (let alone the 21st). But really, is there any chance you can deliver a letter we paid for?

Image of letter that never gets delivered
A picture of the airmail letter that never seems to leave the country.

On Friday the 25th of September we paid £1.33 to airmail an urgent letter to Canada.

That’s CANADA.

It was meant to take 3-5 days to make the 3,500 miles or so. In fact it took 3 days to travel maybe 10 miles at best.

Now with the possible exception that they used a plane to fly between the Post Office and the Sorting Office 4 miles away, I’m pretty sure that whoever is in charge of sorting cannot read English, or recognize the Air Mail sticker… or notice we paid over the odds to send it.

Because as you can see above… it arrived back at the FROM address instead of making its way to the TO address (shown in TWO LANGUAGES).

Not to worry, clearly a halfwit on that day, so I put an arrow on to make it VERY clear where it was going…… and sure enough… two days later. It’s back.

Letter returned 2nd time
Like a bad penny, it came back

Pictured to the left is the is the letter, with my clear “to address” instruction, being returned back to the from address AGAIN.

Now given this is the second time you bunch of Muppets have managed to fail to pop my letter onto an airplane (despite the blue label) I think I’m well within my rights to say that your service is entirely not fit for purpose and demand a refund.

It’s a simple contract: I pay you to deliver items to the delivery address we provide and you take that item and made sure it goes where we ask.

But perhaps it should be;

I pay you to pay close attention to the blue label that you attached and not be a total embarrassment.

Congratulations. Third time lucky?


Rob Leather

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