Same story… two very different versions of events

Ahh…. The Daily Mirror, how you amuse me.

So the background to this story is that Richard at work heard a plane flying overhead with an engine in distress and made a joke about it being in the news later.

He was not wrong.

So here is how the current crop of news sources have taken to deal with the incident. This is genuinely the only two I found in my search about 10 minutes ago.

Aviation Herald covered the story with this informative piece.

“A Boeing 737-300, registration G-CELD performing flight LS-804 from Barcelona, SP (Spain) to Manchester, EN (UK) with 144 passengers, was on approach to Manchester’s runway 23L when the right hand engine (CFM56) ingested a bird and suffered repeated compressor stalls. The crew went around from about 1200 feet and entered a hold shutting the engine down, positioned for another approach and landed safely about 20 minutes later.

Ground observers reported the engine was emitting unusual noise, repeated thuds, smoke and streaks of flame were emitted from the engine.”

Succinct, accurate and conveying over something of the very “everyday” nature of the threat of bird ingestion into jet aircraft engines. It has a procedure, it’s well rehearsed and everybody knows it.

And this is how the Mirror chose to cover the story, under the headline…..


Now think about this. If they are going to “big up” the threat over a simple story like that… Just imagine what they would do to get the headlines for other stories. Just ponder that the next time you read about the thousands of terrorists sneaking through the Channel Tunnel or the millions of scroungers on benefits and so on and so forth.


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