Jeremy Corbyn would like to ‘reindustrialise’ northern England – Like we want that!

Jeremy Corbyn plan to ‘reindustrialise’ northern England

Not sure how anybody else feels, but the idea of the North being “reindustrialised” just leaves me with a bad taste in my mouth. It’s not that he’s going to promote business in the region, allow us to offer more flexibility in taxation or the kinds of rules only the City of London Corporation gets away with; instead it’s handouts and child care schemes. So no investment in entrepreneurship and just more social support. Because we clearly can’t “do” business.

For me, just the very idea that “the North” actually wants to get it’s heavy industry back is something of an insult. It’s like somehow we can’t be smart enough to provide technological innovation or excel in services. No, it’s back down the pit with you lot. It’s like the last 40 years of change and modernisation never happened and we should somehow return to the gloomy old smoke filled days because basically, as Northerners, that’s what we are used to, can understand and perhaps deserve.

So my alternative….

What I’d like is lower business taxes for start-ups (companies aged 0-5 years), low cost and quality locations for those companies (with built in infrastructure and free high-speed internet provision), more financial support for apprenticeships and a removal of the age limits imposed upon said apprentices. Because I don’t understand why a person can’t be considered to be “learning a new trade” just because they are 20 years old and over!

What does anybody else feel?


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