Did Martin Amis just plagiarise a World War Two psych report?

So I somehow got wind of this Daily Mail story about author Martin Amis’s new insights into the sexual and behavioural habits of everybody favourite 20th century German; Adolf Hitler.

According to Amis the Fuhrer never had physical sex with would be love interest Eva Braun and was likely to have had scatological sex with his teenage niece Angela ‘Geli’ Raubal; who then subsequently died under suspicious circumstances. Incidentally, though the story mentions that she was shot, it rather surprisingly fails to mention the pistol was owned by Hitler. Opportunity lost there, I feel.

No matter.

It does then go into Amis’s lurid description about how Hitler would only take pleasure in Geli defecating and urinating on him. A fact Otto Strasser was more than happy to provide. Of course, this information wasn’t available to Martin Amis to verify because his entire book appears to be is in fact based upon of report that psychologist Walter C. Langer produced in 1943 for the head of the OSS, William J. “Wild Bill” Donovan. 

This study would be the foundation of an intelligence industry in psychological profiling and was by it’s very nature ground breaking. Using documentary evidence, where available, and 1st, 2nd and 3rd hand accounts of the personal habits of the Fuhrer, Langer’s team would produce a complete study from birth to then present day of the leader of the Third Reich. This included the 3rd hand report that Amis relates from Otto Strasser.

However as a foundation for a profile it does suffer form a number of key problems. Strasser, was a man with a personal grudge against Hitler after being one of the lucky few survivors of a number of deadly putsch’s during the early days of the Nazi party. As a result even Langer’s understood that this interview should be taken with at least a degree of scepticism at best.

Of more use were the interviews with ex-members of Hitler’s own staff. Who talked of Adolf and Eva sharing a room but there never being any evidence of sexual intercourse… ever… Which of course, proves, not much. Nothing more than we already knew that Hitler was pathologically obsessed with hygiene, the result of a very poorly childhood.

But if you fancy saving yourself the time and money of reading Martin Amis’s version of the “Inside the Mind of Adolf Hitler” report you can always watch this documentary.


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