World cools ICE AGE… World Warms GLOBAL WARMING… or so the Google word patterns suggest

I found a lovely little tool hidden in Google’s book search. It allows you to search for words or terms in books and scientific literature and see how popular it was over time.


How about

New Ice Age


New Ice Age Chart
New Ice Age


Well, as we can see from the chart. This really peaked around the 1977. Which is odd, because that is also when we had a series of very, very cold winters and so forth.

So how about….

Global warming

Global Warming Chart
Global Warming Chart

Well hang on, that seems to merely coincide with a series of warmer summers.

Is there a pattern forming here….

Or is it just that people who feel cold will write about and discuss scientific papers that support their belief that a new ice age is coming and likewise people who think the temperature is rising suddenly will identify studies with high temperature results. Because it makes good headlines.

Here is

Climate Chaos

Climate Chaos Chart
Climate Chaos Chart

and how about

Extreme Weather Events
Extreme Weather Events


But for balance…


Ferris Bueller

Save Ferris!
Save Ferris!




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