Eccleston escapes bribery trial by bribing German court

Or how to avoid trouble if you are super rich

So in the news it’s been disclosed (in a little box near the bottom fear we might all start rioting – such luck) that 

The happy little gnome of F1 Ecclestone has done a neat little deal where he simply pays $100 million (£60 million) to the German Court and that’s it, he can walk away… free.

As you can imagine, quite a lot of people who are somewhat fond of democracy and justice are a little unhappy by the German courts acceptance to take the money. What with the guy who Bernie bribed (and who shopped him) currently doing eight and a half years in jail for taking the bribe. You’d have imagined the briber would have been facing a similar fate. Well, you would if you imagined the scales of justice worked on an even balance system. Clearly, in Germany too, they don’t.

This will then allow Ecclestone to carry on running F1 and avoiding billions in tax with his trust fund dodge. Not to worry, the 83 year old is looking a bit peaky these days. If I believe in him, I’m pretty sure the devils is currently warming up the toasting prongs for him as I write this 🙂


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