Jake Chapman being controversial for attention – shocker

So the BBC ran this story about how Jake Chapman brothers thinks that 

Standing a child in front of a Pollock work is “like saying… it’s as moronic as a child”, said Chapman, adding “children are not human yet”.

I think we are all meant to get all upset and shout “Down with that sort of stuff” but I heard Jake this morning on Radio 4 and he seemed about as convincing about his own argument as Hitler would have been trying to suggest that gas chambers were intended to kill lice and people got over zealous and lacked proper training.

Essentially this is from the school of “Nobody is paying attention to us, so quick say something controversial” school of public relations; all for the fragile egos of the Chapman brothers.

And I find myself in some agreement with Will Gompertz, BBC Arts Editor.

Jake Chapman’s comment about kids and paintings is a beautifully crafted example of the art. It has generated loads of attention, reinforced the brothers’ bad-boy brand, and alerted an “outraged” middle England to the Chapmans’ new show. Job done.

That’s assuming you read “bad-boy brand” as “whiny pretentious adolescent” that is. Worst of all is that the BBC seems to have ran with this obvious attention seeking promotion.

My advice, read the article and then see it for what it is… then completely erase the memory of the Chapman brothers. Because, who gives a crap anyway.


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