Bill Clinton has been named in a lawsuit against pedophile Jeffrey Epstein

You remember Jeffrey Epstein? Sure you do. He’s the billionaire financial who was convicted of paying for sex from a 14 year old girl and then effectively got out of jail because he has so much money. That and populating his Caribbean private island with underage sex slaves. No big deal… Indeed.

Prince Andrew and Jeffrey Epstein pictured together
Prince Andrew and Jeffrey Epstein take a pleasant stroll, despite the small matter of the pedophile conviction

He’s also the person who so helpfully paid of Prince Andrew’s ex-wife’s substantial mortgage in a rather embarrassing story that leaked out in September 2011, only to be spiked pretty quickly. Even Annie Lennox joined in by helpfully downgrading Jeffrey Epstein from convicted pedophile to “slightly disreputable“. I know she’s Scottish, but you do have to wonder quite what would shock Lennox.

I should also point out at this point that while at the time Andrew was suggested to have been at his New York mansion BEFORE the arrest… that turns out to be a lie and he was staying there AFTER his friend Epstein was arrested as a pedophile. It’s OK, it’s not like he’s a public figure who’s every move should be beyond reproach.

So here we are three years later and the story that won’t die, despite best efforts.

In something of a who’s who of rogues, the latest law suit against Jeffrey Epstein names, in no particular order;

  • Former US President Bill Clinton who’s associated with a woman who collected naked pictures of underage girls for Epstein to choose. It should be noted that this same woman was invited to Chelsea Clinton’s wedding, so, clearly close wouldn’t you agree.
  • Prince Andrew, who is linked via his ex-wife and as we can see.. they clearly know each other.
  • Former New York Governor and big fan of prostitutes Eliot Spitzer

Between 2002 and 2005 flight logs show Clinton being flown around in Epstein’s private jets and one of the stops… Little St James, the very island it is being alleged (and this isn’t the first time, I should point out) that young girls were being kept as sex slaves. Given the unnamed nature of the lawsuit, I think it’s fair to suggest that the complainants are some of these young girls, how many it is not clear. It’s also not clear if Virginia Roberts is part of the class action.

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