Does Kirstie Allsopp have a point – And can I live with myself saying that…

Kirstie Allsopp 

(British TV’s most naughty MILF presenter – not my description) has come out and suggested that women should have children early and then have better opportunities to return to education and have careers.

Needless to say, this caused a bit of bother.

She committed the cardinal sin of suggesting biology should take precedence over feminism (her words, not mine) and it’s an interesting point. Her actual argument is that given we live longer, why is it somehow wrong for a woman to have children early and then go onto a long and fulfilling career afterwards. Really, it should be the norm.

Which made me think. My own mother had me when she was 20 and has since gone onto a full on career as export managers for some pretty big companies. The decision she made in 1970 didn’t affect her future career path, so why are we so hung up about it now?

Is this more about the emulation of our heroes as portrayed in movies in the 1980’s. From Tess in “Working Girl” to Christy Wills in “The secret of my success”. These are attractive, intelligent, fun loving “go get what they want” kind of female icons that contain romance – but notably NO children.

I wonder how much of this is to compare success with successful men. Except, most of those you might name HAVE children. It’s just that you don’t see them associated with them.

Bill Gates has three children.
Steve Jobs had four.

Oh, and men. Although we are fertile long, studies show out sperm does decrease in quality (not mine, obviously 😛 LOL) and then there’s the whole problem I have with men in their 50’s/60’s having kids. Essentially because by the time said child is grown up… they will be dead.

And as such, I’ll be honest to say that as a 43 year old man, it’s not just women who hear the tick of the biological clock. I’m lucky to have three beautiful, smart, funny daughters. But some of my peers are still pondering.



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