People of the world. Know your place.

To steal a phrase from a friend at work. This sort of stuff makes my piss boil.

In what passes for news on the BBC website we are being hammered down with the message that we should not be using fossil fuel, that human beings are bad and that “dirty fuel” (a buzz word alert for the future if I ever saw one) is going to kill us all. But not in the immediate and verifiable future or one that passes the standard scientific test.

The BBC, owned by the UK Government, itself ruled by the monarchy. Puts out the following messages; 

On the same day that it’s reported that the UN report states we should all stop using dirty fuels.

And that the developed countries must fund the green agenda in the poor nations*

It’s good to know the the new representatives of your betters William and Kate can fuck up the environment in a speed boat that does about 2mpg.

People of the world. Know your place.

* I’ve had first hand experience of this. Diesel generators replaced by a solar panel and a couple of car batteries. So effectively you can run the refrigerator for the medicine OR the low energy lights in a small clinic…. but not both, not at the same time. Very effective. But I guess it’s “only black people” who die, right? That would seem to be the message…. much as that sickens me.


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