UK Met Office’s predictions are predictably hap-hazard

About two weeks ago the Meteorological Office in the UK had some bragging to be done for predicting a “major storm” that was going to hit the UK in a few days time.

We were told how accurate and sophisticated the new models were at predicting weather and how we should be impressed. The “major storm” turned out to be a stiff breeze.

Meanwhile, up until 10pm yesterday the Met Office seemed to have little or no idea that the biggest storm to hit Scotland in many a year was brewing. With gusts in excess of 100mph (160kph) it’s caused major chaos and indeed one death so far. Further storms are expected.

Did somebody unplug the prediction computer? Or am I led to the conclusion that the model only manages to “predict” events that it recognises has already happened. In any case, it’s pretty unimpressive.

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