Google has attack of irony deficiency

So the BBC report today that Google is rather upset that the NSA might have been snooping in on that. Well, to paraphrase Dirty Harry, “I’m all cut up about that corporations rights”.

I mean seriously GOOGLE are bitching about data mining and extraction. That’s like the school bully moaning because the principle/head master just stole THEIR dinner money.

I’m not unaware of the seriousness of the allegation, I want to make that clear. And the NSA has zero right to do snoop in Google (or anybody else for that matter) without a very serious and provable reason. Maybe I’d be more sympathetic if this was the Co-Operative bank, or Amnesty International or LEGO. But somehow the idea that Google is having a good old moan, when it’s been found and taken to task over snooping into open WiFi networks in Germany (by accident… *ahem*), spying via the Safari browser and so forth.

But I do have some sympathy, because according to Business Week, the NSA forced major corporations into complying with the Prism spying program, but limited their own involvement. So while the likes of Google, Yahoo, Facebook and Microsoft all got their reputations besmirched, the NSA got to sit back and keep quiet about it.

Or at least it did, until Edward Snowden came along and blew the whole thing out of the water 😀

I love the statement from NSA Director Gen Keith Alexander, it’s like “we do not have access to their servers”…. funny, doesn’t mention the connections between THOSE servers and outside clients. And he starts the statement with the ultimate get out “not to my knowledge”. Nice 😀

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