OKC Roller Derby Shout out! Tornado Alley Roller Girls vs Como Derby Dames and Lightening Broads vs Tall City Roller Betties

Tonight is the final bout for the OKC Tornado Alley Roller Girls and the Lightening Broads who are taking on the Como Derby Dames and the Tall City Roller Betties respectively, starting at 5.30 OKC time.

As is traditional in Roller Derby, each team member has a “Derby” name.

Check out the Tornado Alley Roller Girls here.

My favorites names being Kitty VonKlobber, Scarla O’Teara, Sucka Tash and one of the coaches who’s called Outlaw Josey Whales.

Whole the Lightening Broads can be found here.

With name highlights being Cast Iron Cassy, Lil’ Kate Asphyxiate, Taryn Bonesapart and Thunderella.

They are all very sexy, tough looking women. I’m saying that, because

a) it’s true and

b) because there’s over twenty of them and they have roller skates! 😀

They remind me of the female Rugby team back in my days at University and…. moving on 😉

Sadly missing out on a game due to injury is Kandie Skorn who hurt her ankle off the field. Which annoys the hell out of her!

Good luck ladies and remember my old school “unofficial” Rugby moto. “If you’re not bleeding, make sure they are.” (Figuratively speaking… I imagine).

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