UPDATE – Meme watch: 33 year old woman having sex with teen boys – And the hypocrisy of the media

I could help but notice yet another example of the “33 year old woman having sex with teen” story cropping up AGAIN.

One or two perhaps, but there’s been quite a few….


*3rd September 2012 – 33-Year-Old NJ Teacher Erica DePalo Arrested For Sex With Student, 15

23rd July 2012 – Woman, 33, gets two years of probation for sex with 14-year-old boy

22nd July 2012 – Female teacher, 34, faces life in prison for having sex with two students and possessing child pornographyNOTE: She was 33 at the time of her arrest. And if she actually gets LIFE, I’d be shocked given the light sentences handed out to women convicted of this crime.

11th July 2012 – Teacher’s aide, 33, admits she had sex with student, 16

28th June 2012 – Woman, 32, ‘had sex with an under-16 boy in park bathroom’ – Original had her age as 33, I included it because of this.

*21st May 2012 – 33 year old Melissa Dalton, Teacher, Accused Of Having Sex With Four Students

I could go on… but don’t have time at the moment….

With the exception of the teacher with child pornography, I’ve found numerous reports on the other cases that border on titillating. Describing the perpetrator in terms of how attractive they are. Less attractive women are clearly MORE guilty in these terms.

NONE of these women are described as pedophiles. Which is odd given one was in possession of child pornography and had multiple teen victims (or are they not victims, because they are boys?).

I have a serious point to make though. If these had been men, having sex with teen girls, they would be vilified (justifiably) in the public arena and face serious sentencing. But this doesn’t appear to be the case for most of the women. Why is that? I remember a case from a few years back when the newspaper practically suggested that the woman was doing the boys “a favor” and it could have been a worse experience. Would they have ever dared to suggest such a case if they had been teen girls? Absolutely not.

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