The London 2012 Olympic Torch Smackdown Roundup!

It’s with some relief that the Olympic Torch has finally made it to London. Mainly because it means the Metropolitan Police can put it’s goon squad back in the box; for as long as the streets are quiet that is.

Here are the top incidents caught on camera from the Nazi-style* Torch parade. Incidentally, these are not the ONLY incidents, these are just the ones that got caught on camera.

* see below.

Cycle-paths in action

Young kid on a bike, trying to get a better view of the torch, dares to get into the “security cordon” and for his reward he nearly gets ran over by the Olympic Torch goon squad’s yellow BMW. Helpfully the police officer launches him under the wheels.

Later the police officer would claim the child was attracted by a mysterious force and he was only just able to save him. No, I made that up. He really does grab him and throw him in front of the car.

Goon squad suffering from irony deficiency?

Some drunk wag holds his lighter up as a “torch” and gets launched by the goon squad into a bunch of innocent bystanders. I guess they didn’t get the joke.

Kids attempt to run with torch… get accused of trying to “steal” it.

Luckily the local police are here, otherwise the “Met” guys would have knocked them to the floor with their batons and had them ran over. That and the crowd looks a bit too big for that kind of police action.

Old guy with camera “stumbles” after trying to get a better picture

BBC “coverage” here, as a guy clearly holding a camera gets thrown into a stone wall for trying to get to the other side of the road for a better picture. You can clearly see him protesting and showing the camera to the goon squad.

The BBC masterfully cover up the incident by suggesting that somebody “stumbled” and even suggests the Police were helping! The “security” then hurry up and wave off a very elderly looking man, loaded down with cameras, rather than wave him to the side OR HELPING HIM EVEN.

Shove off Granny!

An old lady attempts to touch the torch (perhaps as a protest, who can tell) and is promptly shoved aggressively to the side.

How she manages to stay on her feet is a mystery to me and had she gone over it could well have proved fatal. The injuries likely to have sustained often prove deadly for people of her dotage.

But then again this is a Metropolitan Police officer; they are experts at this kind of thing. Incidentally, she shouts “Fascist pig!” at the policeman and the crowd isn’t impressed.

And for balance…..

An ACTUAL incident that required some kind of police response. Of course, being they are much better at tackling kids on bikes and middle-aged men with cameras than a teen looking for 15 minutes of fame, they make a total hash of it! Not only does he get hold of the torch, but he takes several officers to “take him down”.

Oh, and just in case you thought I’d miss the traditional…

It’s the Olympic torch streaker!

And the Olympic torch’s origin… Nazi Germany

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