Bob Warwick – Green Twitter robot

You have to laugh. After posting my history of ecology pieces (one left in the series), I’ve had a couple of robot followers jump onto my Twitter feed.

I guess they just picked up the ecology word and did it automatically, which is ironic given the articles content on how people jump on a bandwagon without checking it’s accurate.

In any case, my favorite is @cool_greener aka “Bob Warwick”; who spits out poetic eco-claptrap from a text file somewhere. “Bob”, here’s a little tip, if you are going to use a CSV file as the source of your diatribe, do remember to trim the leading and trailing spaces.

What’s funnier is how people have mentioned his feed and “he” offers his “thanks for a mention”. All replies are exactly the same.

Come on!! It’s like you are not even trying!

Actually, on a more serious not, this is one of over a dozen robots I’ve discovered on Twitter doing just this. If the ecological / environmental argument is so correct, why does it need so much religious like propaganda to back it up? Talk about eroding your own argument.


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