National Trust Survey – Do you think they have an agenda?

Just a bit of fun.

I got sent a survey from the National Trust. Some of the questions seemed OK, whilst others had some very leaning answers. So rather than subject you to the whole survey, I’ll give you the edited highlights.

How true are the following statements about you?

  1. I recycle as much of my rubbish as possible
  2. I am trying to travel less by car these days
  3. I do everything I can to protect the environment
  4. I feel proud to be British
  5. The government should do more to tackle environmental issues
  6. People should take responsibility for themselves (I guess this is the “Are you a conservative” question)
  7. I don’t like it when charities use shock tactics (What, like this?)
  8. Those who have more should help those who have less
  9. I’m concerned about the world we’re creating for future generations
  10. I prefer to help causes that are in need now, rather than future generations
  11. The government or private sector are a more effective way of helping good causes/social issues than charities

Now we have the check box section. And this is my FAVORITE section.

From this list, which statements describe what you get out of donating money to charities?

  • It makes me feel good about myself
  • It satisfies my social conscience / responsibility
  • It gives me a sense of belonging
  • It helps me develop and grow as a person
  • It makes me feel less guilty about my fortunate position (Wow! Talk about playing on your privilege guilt)
  • It allows me to show people that I care
  • It lets me be part of something bigger than myself
  • It helps me be true to my faith
  • It helps me be true to my philosophical / political values
  • It helps me achieve a sense of inner peace
  • It makes me feel at one with humanity (Are you kidding me!?!)


Which of the following, if any, are reasons for you not donating more money to charity?

  • Government should solve the issues I care about, not charity
  • It’s up to others with more money to give more
  • There are not enough opportunities to contribute to the causes most important to me
  • I feel overwhelmed by the number and range of deserving causes
  • I’m not sure where my money could have maximum impact
  • Too much of my money would be spent on overheads, bureaucracy and wages

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