Just how “Green” is India in this BBC article?

I have a bigger post to publish in the next few days, but I felt I had to push out a reply to the latest ridiculous false “eco” story pooped out by the BBC.

The headline reads “Can going green solve some of India’s problems?” and from the article you’d have to conclude the answer to be a very decisive “No.”.

The article starts with a monster gizmo to convert raw waste plastic into “crude oil”. The process involves shredding, heating and converting the stuff to gas. Then tapping off the useful stuff and… hey it goes on a bit. But the output is, as the BBC puts it, ” a form of petrol”. Well, not quite.

Wonderful. How green is that!

Well as it turns out not at all.

The toxic fumes that come out of the machine would be lethal to anyone breathing them and the energy required in terms of electricity isn’t insubstantial either. Oh, and just to advise the BBC, India is actually the worlds 5th largest electricity generator. 55% of electricity is made from coal.

So that’s likely to be a coal powered, toxic, petrol generation machine. SUPER GREEN!

Next up is a the young lady who’s created a “new stove” to reduce CO2 compared to “mud stoves”. The article claims her device can save over 2 tonnes of CO2 a year.

Of course, they don’t actually say how much that represents as a whole of the total per year. But on my way to find that particular figure, I stumbled helpfully onto this study released in April of this year (2012).

The study details a survey of various IC’s (“improved cookstoves”) carried out in India and the results were that they had little or no effect on the REAL issue, namely “black carbon” and in some cases, made it WORSE. What does appear to work, however, is putting a bloody chimney on the stove!

What I can tell you is that the market for green investment is very up in India, it’s worth $10.3bn, a growth of 52% on 2011. Maybe this is the purpose of the BBC article. It’s a promotion.

Anyway, to summarize, we have a company that cleans up ostensibly richer countries technological waste into petrol at great cost to the local climate; and a cook stove that makes people feel better, but is just as likely to kill them anyway. SUPER SUPER GREEN!

What India ACTUALLY needs is to provide cheaper electricity to EVERYBODY and generate it using more efficient means. Or am I talking out of term?


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