US playing the NATO card to unify action on Syria

When Russia continued to reject action on Syria it became obvious that something had to be done. But then we’ve been here before, haven’t we.

20 years ago the former Soviet state of Yugoslavia was tearing itself apart, helped in no part from foreign intervention and support. Sound familiar? However, the UN wouldn’t sanction action against the forces at work.

So what was Bill Clinton to do? He’d already built up a huge campaign to save the people. While simultaneously signing off on covert CIA action to both train, arm and provide satellite intelligence to rival factions. Oh, I’m sorry, did you miss that?

No the same old story, played out again. This time it’s NATO member Turkey that gets to call in the big guns. Because as everyone knows. Attack one NATO member state, and they get to rally the other NATO members to strike back. Despite the fact that flying into Syrian airspace with a fighter aircraft could be seen as an act of war.

In the end the US will gain control of the oil and gas pipeline and the hidden cold war continues.


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