[UPDATE 2] Wonder if David Cameron PM thinks his father’s tax arrangments were morally wrong

You have to take you’re hat off to David Cameron PM. He’s managed to create a reality in his head in which he’s fine to moralize to the masses about one thing or another, and then act in a completed different way.

For example;

You might be unaware of it, but David Cameron’s father Ian managed to amass a fortune by squirreling money away into “legal” (but morally repugnant) offshore bank accounts. He then bought property from them, essentially meaning the treasury lost out in hundreds of thousands of pounds in inheritance or capital gains tax. So you might imagine that his moralizing over Jimmy Carr’s tax dodge seems a little hypocritical.

Of course, you could also point out Vodafone who got off from paying an £8 BILLION tax bill, and got fine just £800,000. Or Google who “avoided” a £100 million tax bill. Or GSK who moved to Luxembourg, presumably not because it’s a nice place.

These are the real tax cheats. But then no Government has the balls to take on those major corporations. They haven’t got pockets big enough.


Judging from the BBC website feedback section, David Cameron’s idea has totally backfired.

This is NOT a tax fiddle. Jimmy Carr (along with probably thousands of others) legally avoided paying a large chunk of tax on earnings. Note the word ‘legally’.

With +219

The problem is 100% with Parliament. It is THEIR job to ensure that legislation is in place that guarantees that everyone who earns pay their full rate of tax. It is THEIR job to ensure that loopholes are quickly dealt with.

With +183

But the fact that Vodafone got off a 6 billion tax bill with a pathetic 800k fine is fine.That was all kept quiet a year or so ago,no comment then on that one.

With +170

When Mr Cameron can show that the government has done all it can in closing these “loop holes” that many big organisations take advantage of then he can start attacking individuals regarding their morality. I think he has made a major error of judgement in openly attacking one person when we are all aware of the many “anomalies” surrounding big business and tax payments or avoidance of them!

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Hmm….feeling the heat, Mr.Cameron? Two days ago our righteously indignant PM was calling on rich people in France to emigrate to the UK to avoid taxes, and according to the Guardian, “David Cameron’s father ran a network of (entirely legal) offshore investment funds” based in Jersey, Panama and Geneva “to help build the family fortune that paid for the prime minister’s inheritance”. Ho, ho.

Oh dear…. not a good day for Iggle Piggle, er Cameron.

Dave Cameron and Iggle Piggle
It’s childish and infantile… and it’s the Houses of Parliament.

My favorite quote so far is from Frankie Boyle, who says;

Agree with David Cameron saying Jimmy Carr’s tax avoidance ” morally wrong”. We need that money to fire missiles into the homes of shepherds.

I think that covers the morality angle quite well there.


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