Sir Paul backs Greenpeace Arctic campaign – Because being famous at playing a guitar makes him an expert right

I love celebrity endorsement. No really. Nothing makes me happier and undermines a campaign more than having some famous chump act as your mouthpiece. Is there anything more outrageously stupid and misguided as a indulged, super rich hypocrite with a God complex?

Apart from his constant claims of “really loving Liverpool” and yet never stepping foot in the place for decades and his insistence that alternative medicine really works; despite all the (tragic in his case) evidence to the contrary. You do have to wonder what qualifies Macca to preach to the world about saving the Arctic or climate change in general. Presumably, like all the “Climate Delegates”, he flew down to Rio for the summit. Perhaps in his own little jet. How nice.

I guess he was easy bate for Greenpeace. “Save the world Mr McCartney”. Him, along with Robert Redford and boy band One Direction. Now there’s a collection of brainiacs for you.

The move comes as a response to what the environment group regards as the “epic failure” of the Rio+20 summit.

Who wrote this, a 13 year old? The real problem being for Greenpeace and other similar organizations, is that imminent disaster never turned up. Twenty years ago Greenpeace told the world that in a few decades we’d all be eating straw, the world would be on fire and submerged under many feet of water. Now their rather transparent message of anti-capitalistic, one world Government is reaching a wider audience. So what they need is a bit of PR.

So now they are trying to propagate the formula with celebrity endorsement. Now unfortunately Bono and U2 have their own gig (which doesn’t involve paying tax) and so does Clooney, Jolie and Pitt. So it looks like poor Greenpeace have had to take what’s left. All this leaves Greenpeace with an aging pop star who jets everywhere, a famous film actor who’s (sadly in my opinion) past his best and a boy band that’s only heading in “One Direction” (ho-ho, see what I did there). All happily endorsed by BBC mental-enviro guy Richard “Don’t give me the facts, listen to my beliefs” Black.


I imagine some people might be offended at my less than respectful comments. But then I’m not going around instructing people on how to be a successful musician am I.


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