Racing slicks? Just how do some people get away with tyres this bald!

I was looking through my photo library for things to delete and what to keep. I’ve got 20gb of pictures! Can you believe that! Anyway, I found what the shocked me all over again.

I took this picture some time ago, and I actually informed the security on the site about what I’d found. I believe they contacted the SENIOR MANAGER who’s car it was and told him to rectify the issue or they would contact the police.

An extremely bald tyre on a senior managers car
Have you seen tyres this bad? THIS bald?

But the reality is that this person had been driving around for weeks, if not months with these tyres and didn’t once believe them to be dangerous.

Be honest, have you ever seen tyres that are this bald?

The grey vertical lines are in fact the steel casing of the tyre showing through.

Given enough heat and pressure, these tyres are an explosive failure waiting to happen.

But how the hell did the driver manage to get the car driving in the first place. You can see the wet leaves in the picture, this was Autumn (fall) and the roads around the place I was working were rural, frequently muddy and often covered in leaves.

Maybe I’m looking at this the wrong way.

Maybe this is in fact a training car for how to deal with a terrible accident.

If you drive, and you’ve read this post. Just take a look at your tyres next time you head on out. I know tyres are not cheap, but then neither are funerals.

Drive safe…..


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