One to avoid – Curry Hut, Walkden

Sorry if this all sounds like a bit of a moaning session. But if there’s one thing I hate, it’s bad service. Such is the case with;

Curry Hut

1 High Street, Walkden. M28 3JH

God knows it must be hard putting take out orders into bags and making sure you put the right things it. I mean that must be some kind of black magic or something. But these guys did us the great favor of under-delivering in terms of what did turn up and with the added bonus of missing parts of our order off.

Not to worry, they are only just down the road. So a quick polite phone call to explain the mistake and we are assured it will turn up in 15 minutes. So… 45 minutes later, nothing. And now they are ignoring our phone. Unless of course we dial disguising the number, then they answer.

You see, it’s the pathetic lying that’s really p**sed me off. I mean we are talking about £25 ($40) or take away here. It’s not grand larceny or something.

But really how pathetic is it that the simple task of matching order to the contents of the bag seems to escape these people.

It used to be good, now they are crap; and looking at the reviews on Just-Eat, we are not alone.

So… AVOID. Go somewhere else and make them pay with THEIR wallets for a change.


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