Heartland Climate Conference is on – thanks for reminding me Richard Black :-)

So the latest Heartland International Conference on Climate Change is on again. It’s usually an interesting mix of Political, Social, Economic and Climate science. But it’s greatest strength being that it opens the floor to (science backed) debate. Which is where it differs from the more widely publicised (by media) climate conferences.

Previous conferences have opened the floor to those pro AGW, against and moderates who see no real threat. Opinion pieces are kept to a minimum while science is always peer reviewed before presentation.

Which is why I found Richard Black’s comment galling.

Richard Black ‏@BBCRBlack

Looking forward to reading @suzyji on the Heartland Institute conference. The arguments are always rooted in science, remember…

You’ll note he calls it the “Heartland Institute conference” when in fact the vast majority of speakers are from outside the Institute, often from overseas.

So I felt I had to have a dig back πŸ™‚

Robert Leather ‏@RobertLeather

@BBCRBlack Yeah, don’t try and “hide the decline in reporting standards” – wa-wa-waaa πŸ™‚ Hey, if you’re allowed to make a bad joke πŸ˜‰

Hopefully he’ll take it in the way it was intended, as a jokey poke in the ribs.

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