Another example of how the BBC report on the Royal Family – Thou shalt not comment!

Last week the Queen decided to leave the safe confines of her privileged existence in London and travel up to where the BBC are reporting are the “poorest” places in Britain. It’s all  apparently due to her being Queen for some set period of time 😉

Am I not setting the correct reverential tone? Tough.

Anyway, after a stomach churningly sycophantic report from BBC reporter Arif Ansari about the “crowds” waiting to greet the Queen, I felt had to reply.

It all started when he posted;

Just spotted our presenter Roger Johnson on the News Channel covering the Queen’s visit

It was a bad day, it didn’t take much. So I asked;

@ArifBBC Does anybody really care about the Queen’s visit? Have you asked that question of anybody?

Meaning, have you done a VoxPox on the story. To which I got back.

@RobertLeather – well clearly they do if a crowd has turned up

So I looked on the many Manchester Web Cams to see the crowds all flag waving. None to be seen. So I question him.

@ArifBBC Are you suggesting the majority of the people in the NW have turned up? I’m just looking for a bit of balanced reporting.

I’m assuming he’s figured out I’m watching a live feed. Because he changes tact slightly.

@RobertLeather – no, but you asked does anybody care? Clearly a lot do.

A lot? How does he know that? So I ask him.

@ArifBBC A lot? Really? Perhaps some do, but if you compare it to the crowds of 1977 considerably more do not.

And here comes the, what Adam Curry would refer to as the “Shut Up Slave” moment.

@RobertLeather – I’m not sure this is the right moment for that. It’s the head of state visiting Lancashire. Many enjoying it.

Seriously, the Queen is coming to Manchester and this isn’t a good time to think about what the modern Monarchy is meant to mean. Sounds like a perfect time, the ONLY time.

So I try and make this point. But Arif has decided he doesn’t like my opinion.

@ArifBBC Glad you’re taking time to reply and not taking this as personal attack. 🙂 I just think majority of opinions have changed. ….

@ArifBBC … and it might have been interesting to reflect that by getting opinions on the subject. What do you think?

.. and he’s decided not to reply as well.

@ArifBBC Some people will have beliefs positively re-affirmed by the visit. If it was PM this wouldn’t be your argument. Why is it now?

Ironically, and unknown to me, Cameron DID visit the next day and Arif made some comment about how his visit was greeted with mixed opinions. UNBELIEVABLE! I guess Arif never heard of irony.


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