SPAM of the month – I won the Uk Lottery, from a guy called Aud Mal in Canada

I normally post a SPAM message once in while when it amuses me; either because it’s so badly written or so hilarious in it’s attempt to fool. But todays entry is so bad it’s funny.

I can only guess they can’t be bothered any more. That’s my guess.

Aud Mal <> writes

Your e-mail has just won you ONE MILLION POUNDS in the Uk Lottery. Provide your full details for claims:





I don’t know what’s funnier. The total lack of attempt to disguise his email address or the more than pathetic message. The Uk Lottery isn’t based upon email addresses, it’s like most scams schemes in that it’s based on buying a ticket. Oh, and it’s called the National Lottery.

So not very close and definitely no cigar.

Still, that’s a £1,000,000.00 in my “virtual SPAM account”. 🙂


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