BBC “Airport” story has irked me somewhat

The BBC have run a rather annoying news story on how bad airports are. Just in case you didn’t know.

What’s worse is their assertion that security is a necessary, given the evil in the TERRORISTS! Which is funny, because it strikes me that screening process IS USELESS.

Here’s what I had to point out to them.

Perhaps you can explain to us all why we all have to have our genitals x-rayed? The last two bomb plots (shoe and underwear) weren’t stopped by screening, it was the actions of passengers. When we have the bomb in the toner cartridge, mysteriously passing cargo x-ray and being stopped by good intelligence from the source country. In all three cases x-ray scanning failed. Can we have refund please?

Somehow I don’t think we’re going to be the hundreds of millions of pounds wasted on RapiScans useless nude booths. But it sure made a lot of nice money for them and their friends in Homeland Security and the Home Office.

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