Global Warming Sinks RMS Titanic

Iceberg that hit TitanicWe tend to be told that the increased calving of icebergs and sea ice loss is a recent turn of events, a product of man’s love of the motorcar.

But you might be surprised to find out that according to messers Mann and Jones we had Global Warming from 1910-1945. In fact, the fabled “Northwest Passage” was open from 1909-1912 due to the higher than average sea ice melt.

In the summer of 1911, the iceberg that struck the Titanic was calved from the Arctic shelf and released into the freezing seas around the North East coast of Canada.

Where is sat, waiting for currents and wind to move it slowly down into the North Atlantic on it’s tragic date with destiny.

It’s a fact that the amount of melt and icebergs was so great that it caused several ships to warn each other of the conditions. At the time, this was the only real way of getting up to date ice warnings. No satellites, spotter plans, forecasts (accurate enough) or radar.

As an example, the Titanic received the following messages on the 14th April

9am – From Caronia – “Captain, Titanic – West-bound steamers report bergs, growlers and field ice in 42N from 49 to 41W. April 12th. Compliments, Barr”

1.42pm – From Baltic – “Greek steamer Athenia reports passing icebergs and large quantities of field ice today in latitude 41 51′ N longitude….”

1.45pm – From Amerika – “Amerika passed to large icebergs in 41 27′ N…..”

7.30pm – From California – “To Captain, Antillian, Six-thirty PM, apparent ship’s time; latitude 42 3’N. Three large bergs 5 miles to the southward of us. Regards Lord”

9.40pm – From Mesaba – “From Mesaba to Titanic. In latitude 42N to 41 25′, longitude 40W to longitude 50 30’W. saw much heavy pack ice and great number of large icebergs, also field ice, weather good, clear”

Of course, we cannot possible call the 1910-1945 rising temperatures “man-made” because there’s almost no evidence of this being the case; according to Mann and Jones. Models provide inconclusive or even contradicting results.

Besides, it MUST be natural variability because CO2 levels were so much lower than today and it therefore doesn’t fit the perceived wisdom. So you’ll pretty much NEVER hear about the Titanic disaster being a product of Global Warming. It’s put down to corporate folly, misadventure, bad luck or even a curse.


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