George Osbourne – Is he really that naive or does he think we are?

The BBC reported on this Telegraph story in which UK Chancellor George Osbourne expresses his shock at discovering that some of the top millionaires in the UK employ tax avoidance measures on their earnings in order to avoid the highest taxes.


What sort of message is he trying to send out here? That’s he is so utterly naive and stupid that he didn’t realise this was going on? Or is it simply that he thinks the public are going to swallow this “I had no idea” crap from a man whose close friends are more than likely doing EXACTLY what he described in the article.

Exactly why is it that MP’s are so resolutely against THEIR tax records being made public I wonder?

Are they trying to avoid another scandal along the lines of the expenses fiasco that brought down the last Government?

It should be noted that tax avoidance is exactly what Bono does, but nobody is power seems to be that bothered about Saint Bono.

But if you really want to setup a world class tax scam, setup a charity and send the money through there. That way, everybody thinks you are a real humanitarian at the same time.


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