Climate predictions from 1978 for the year 2000 – More accurate than you might imagine

Back to 1978 when the catastrophic nature of climate change meant this.

Lodi News Sentinal, February 18, 1978.

Dr William Gasser, along with the 23 other prominent climate-watchers from seven nations produced a 50% probability that the climate by the year 2000 will be either slightly warmer or slightly cooler (than 1978).

So what we are saying is that 24 people got paid to say that it ether would or would not get slightly warmer or slightly cooler in 22 years. Where do you get a job like that?! I mean, really. I want to sign up on that one!


He said the survey was inspired by conflicting predictions in recent years that Earth is heading into another ice age or that the buildup of carbon dioxide will rapidly heat it up. Either development would have major impact on the world.

He said the two most severe scenarios developed from the survey each was given a 10 percent probability of happening.

Five possible climate scenarios show a broad range of perceptions on the basis of questionnaires answered by the climatologists.

“The salient finding is that the likelihood of catastrophic climatic change by the year 2000 is assessed as being small,” the report said.

Well, it’s interesting how accurate a guess that was. Because basically, hardly anything actually HAS happened. Certainly no Ice Age or Catastrophic Global Warming. Essentially the world of Soylent Green (set in 2022, but based on a story set in 1999) didn’t turn up.

It’s people you know. It’s people who exaggerate the scientific facts to their own ends.


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