Sony Playstation 4 and XBox 3 won’t play “used” games

From a CNET story.

In a move that’s both cynical and greedy in equal measures, both Sony and Microsoft have unilaterally decided that unless you own your OWN copy of a game, you won’t be playing it.

Clearly this is a move dictated by the leading publishers, I’m going to suggest EA Games as an example.

I don’t know what disgusts me most, the idea that EA don’t feel they gouged the public enough with the prices they charge for games (£40+) or that Sony / Microsoft care more about the games produces than the actual consumers.

I mean, just how much has EA paid for this feature to go in?

Apparently they will allow you to play user games, which could include your previous PS3 titles, for a nominal fee. Are you kidding me!?

I mean I’m an occasional PC gamer (at most) but this kind of move just gets my consumer radar twitching. If you consider the original purchase is a contract for a licence to the game, and then they relinquish that right on a later platform, they’ll be within breach of that contract.

I’m not really sure why this story annoys me so much. Maybe it’s because I already figured they were a bunch of money grabbing bastards before! This is what happens when on company EA gets a monopoly.

By market share, ironically, Nintendo has the biggest share and have NO PLANS to block used games on their systems. What does THAT tell you about Nintendo?


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