Grand Theft Auto: Welwyn Garden City? – Budget 2012 WTF moments

My accountant sent me a break down of the latest comedy budget and some of the interesting (and funny) little rules and relief’s they’ve added.

My favourite has to be.

Corporation tax reliefs for the creative sector

The Government will introduce corporation tax reliefs for the production of culturally British video games, television animation programmes and high end television productions. Consultation will take place over the summer. Legislation will be in Finance Bill 2013 and will take effect from 1 April 2013, subject to State aid approval.

Culturally British video games? Which got me and my fellow protagonists thinking;

  • Grand Theft Auto: Welwyn Garden City
  • Modern Warfare 4 – Eccles (The Cake Connection)
  • Fear: London Underground (Actually that could be quite good)

Or some mobile type games:

  • Queuer – Where you have to stand in line in a Post Office, Bank, Take-Away… that sort of thing


Suggestions welcome




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