CI5: The New Professionals – The gift that keeps on giving…. Tonight on “Men & Motors” at 6pm! RUN AWAY!!!

Low (very low) and behold. CI5: The NEW Professionals is going to get another shot at airing it’s smelly wares. This time on Men & Motors tonight at 6pm!


I posted two videos on YouTube that pretty much demonstrate why this TV series BOMBED.

Here’s some REALLY bad acting, with some REALLY bad accents.

The show hobbled on for 13 episodes before it was killed off.

In the next clip, we are led to the following conclusions;

1. Bulgarian guards are all totally deaf – Which shows the very progressive employment practices of the region, perhaps…
2. CI5 agents have no sense of direction.

Why the later? Watch carefully.

Our hero walks through tunnel into an enclosed square. Then he climbs OUT of the box by going over the wall. So now he’s back on the outside of the enclosed box. So why he couldn’t have just walked around the corner, that’s the real mystery. Watch the piece to see what I mean.


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