CDL – A trader on eBay who goes the extra mile

You know it’s nice to get good service. It’s just not very often you get to be helpful back.

So here is some positive feedback about a small company that bothers to go the extra mile.

About six weeks ago I decided that any attempt of making my HP DL380 server a little quieter was going to be a wasted effort and started to look for something a little more friendly on the ear (a jet engine for example). eBay seemed a good choice and I found an old Core 2 Duo HP Workstation for the bargain auction price of £50. The seller was Computer Disposals Limited (or CDL for short) and this is their eBay store here.

Essentially they take old hardware from major corporations, test it, clean and then sell it onto the general public. In fact their warehouse/office, located in a trading estate on an old farm, has the look of an Aladdin’s cave about it. Row up row of racks support servers, some relatively new, some old; in various states of dismemberment, repair or parts sourcing.

I know this because I decided to take the option of picking up the computer in person instead of waiting for delivery Although previously I’d paid for delivery, they refunded the £10 back to me. Very smooth and friendly process.

But what really makes a company stand out isn’t when things are going right. No, strangely, it’s what really happens when things go wrong and how they deal with the issue.

In this case in point, my HP Workstation turned up two issues in a very short time frame. The first thing to fall off was the on-board networking. Something I’ve later discovered is something of an Achilles’ heal with the xw4400 systems. Days later, in sympathy, the internal hard drive decided to start dying.

I contacted CDL, and let them know about the problems with the onboard networking, mainly so they’d test the the network card a little further in the future. I’d already got a replacement in the form a ye’ancient 10/100 3COM card. When they suggested a replacement, I wondered if they were looking to swap out my workstation for a similar one.

But instead CDL decided to send me a BRAND NEW 10/100/1000 PCI network card and a replacement internal hard drive! Plus, despite me happily offering to pay postage, they delivered the items for NOTHING. Along with an apology for the inconvenience!

Given the age of the hardware, I do think that CDL really did go out of their way to make a happy customer. And I am! The machine is great. I’ve sold out the Core 2 Duo from it and upgraded to a faster model (although I didn’t got all out on a Quad Core “extreme” Core 2 Duo). I’ve added a bigger hard drive and we are getting on fine… thanks to CDL. 🙂



One comment

  1. came across this blog searching for cdl ebay linkin google.

    I have used CDL for the last few years and they are great .. they have the policy keep the
    customer happy.

    I have bought servers laptops …everything IT. related CDL ARE great.

    you wont find better service


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